Right Here With You EP

by Ben Tinsley

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This year I turned 30. This year I've committed to spending more time doing the things that fulfill me most. Aside from my family and my faith, the two things that bring me the most joy is when I'm making music and when I'm helping people.

So to cover the music end, I decided to record and release this EP of original tunes. With the help of some incredibly talented musicians that I'm lucky enough to call my friends, we were able to put together something that I'm quite honestly very proud of. Just about all of it was recorded and mixed in our houses. You will likely hear the train passing in the background, possibly some sirens, and if you listen very closely you will DEFINITELY hear a stabbing.

As for the helping people part, I've decided to dedicate 50% of anything I earn through music at all to a single mother and her family in the form of a grocery store gift card for Mother's Day. So I've asked for $3 for the 5 song EP, but please don't be afraid to drop an extra penny or two for it.

Otherwise, I really and sincerely hope you enjoy this. Share it with a friend. I'm excited to continue this tradition, and I appreciate you letting me share with you.



released April 6, 2015



all rights reserved


Ben Tinsley Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia-based songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and singer. A Soul-Rock, Acoustic-Folk blend.

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Track Name: Lost My Way
I lost my way since you've been gone

Your lovely scent reminds me that you were sent to find me, oh
Still so many questions, never learned my lesson, oh

If you'd only grant me, faith and understanding, oh
As loneliness increases, I can't pick up the pieces, oh
Track Name: (Sim)Strong
Walk a mile here in her shoes
Do your part boy pay your dues
Tell a story now, sing me the blues

Feel your conscience start to rise
When you hear the desperate cries
Feel them snatch your soul right through your eyes

Hold on to love to what is right, yeah
Take a long look at what's inside,
Your mama told you to be strong
Never forget your right from wrong

Keep your ear right to the ground
Listen for familiar sounds
Wolves and vultures when they come around

Take this world into your hands
You're a star, shine when you can
Knowing what it takes to be a man
Track Name: Never Lost
I heard the news, New sheriff in town
I paid my dues,I've been around
Laid the law, you drew the line
Been here before, I did the crime

Never thought that you could take me there
Kitchens hot but I ain't goin nowhere
Heaven knows that I have paid the cost
Though I wander I ain't never lost

The sun is high, my shadows long
No alibi, you done me wrong
See I'm a man, I seen it all
I watched them rise, I seen them fall

Preacher say good comes to those who wait
But I ain't one to ever hesitate
Bridges burning doors are slamming shut
Ask yourself if you are man enoughp
Track Name: Right Here With You
There's something about the way that you smile
the way you do your hair and your style
makes me wanna stay for a while
right here with you

I don't wanna get played for your fool
but there's something about the way that you move
makes me wanna lay down my groove
right here with you

Right here with you
I wanna stay right here with you
I wanna be right here with you
I wanna stay right here with you

I don't wanna take it too far
but there's something about the way that you are
makes me wanna play my guitar
right here with you

There's something about the way that you touch
when you're in the mood to play rough
I don't think I'll ever get enough
right here with you